FEETPOT GARDENING Possibly the most efficient way to grow greens organically.

Simple idea,
amazing results!

  • You fill bottle
  • Bottle waters tray
  • Wicks water pot
  • Soil in pot has a generous amount of compost or worm castings

  • I could never keep plants alive. I always over-watered. To solve this I went to the hardware store and bought the following items.

    1 - nursery pot (with 8 holes in the bottom)
    4 - nylon standoffs (1 inch long)
    4 - nylon screws (1/2 inch long)
    1 - pack cotton cord (for wicks)

    I used the screws to attach the standoffs to the bottom of the pot. This created feet that would hold the pot above water in a tray. I then cut an 8 inch piece of the cotton cord to use as a wick. I inserted the wick up through a hole in the bottom of the pot and then back out through a hole on the other side. I then filled the pot with soil. All I needed to do then was plant seeds and keep water in the tray.

    What I had created was a "Feetpot." I hope you will consider converting a few of your own nursery pots. You will be surprised at how well this works. I easily keep 15 trays of greens growing indoors and just recently found a way to pump water from a 5 gallon reservoir through a series of rain gutters on a table in my back yard. Water flowing in the gutters keeps greens in a large number of Feetpots very happy. The moving water also keeps mosquitoes from breeding. A de-icer in the water reservoir keeps the water from freezing. The de-icer and a row-cover have turned my Table Farm into a REAL SIMPLE greenhouse.

    Watch Table Farm Video

    To maintain nutrients I use a mini turkey baster to deliver one ounce of nutrient solution to each 4 inch pot weekly. I prepare a fish and seaweed fertilizer solution using one teaspoon of fertilizer for each cup of water. My soil is 80% coconut coir and 20% worm castings. I'm starting tests using 75% coconut coir with either 25% worm castings or 25% compost.