Wickponics, a simpler form of hydroponics - easier to get right and easier to do organically

Simple idea,
amazing results!

Wickponics is a system of growing that combines the water saving properties of hydroponics with a wide choice of soil and soilless growing media. Standard nursery pots are modified to receive water from below by way of cotton wicks. When needed, nutrient solutions are applied from above on a weekly or monthly schedule. The solutions are applied in small doses, usually one or two ounces. A dose is more concentrated than prescribed for watering with the idea that it will be diluted by water within the medium.

Each plant is in its own container so the harvest can be moved to the consumer. We call this "the moveable harvest." Absolute freshness is assured and waste is reduced. When harvest is done at retail, waste at retail is reduced. When harvest is done in the kitchen, waste in the kitchen is reduced. Wickponics takes the guesswork out of watering so retailers, chefs, and home cooks all become experts at keeping produce fresh and vibrant.